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Create ‘safe zone’ with Cell Phone Jammer

Do people who loudly talking on their phones on public transport irritate you?  Besides it’s irritating it is also pose a threat to your and other passengers’ lives. Drivers should be very attentive and nothing should distract their attention as while driving they are responsible for people’s safety, but very often blabbing ones forget about it and put their lives at risk.

It is well-known fact that in many countries phone conversation and texting messages while driving is not allowed by law. But, many people forget about this law and in spite of prohibition do so during driving. For such people car cell phone jammer is a great creation and best means of safety.


Those people who do not know about the existence of Jammer, it gives us pleasure to introduce you this unique device. Cell phone jammer is a powerful gadget for blocking nearby phone signals within specific radius, so called ‘dead zone’ for cell phones’ users, as they will be unable to make calls and text messages within blocking radius. Today, jammers are very popular among police and military. They use jammers to keep under control cell phone communication under emergency. As it was earlier, jammers were equipped with long antennas mounted on trailers, but today’s design is more improved and we could buy jammer of different sizes and styles, some jammers could be the same size as cell phones.

If speak about types of jammers, then it should be emphasized that there are many kinds of vehicle cell phone jammers. Such phone jammers could block CDMA, PDC, TDMA, PHS, PCS, IDEN, W-CDMA, UMTS, 3G, GPRS, GSM, DCS signals up to 50 meters. Jammer is a unique device for those who are worried about their safety and want to neutralize dangerous and inattentive drivers.  These types of jammers are used and designed for prisons public transport and places where it is prohibited. If you want continuous long distance blocking than you should choose the High Power Vehicle Cell Phone Jammer.

Owner of Cell Phone Jammer should remember that there are some cases when people need to call 911 in emergency and usage of jammer could prevent them to do it.

But driver distraction is very serious and dangerous as it could cause unfortunate consequences. Cell phone signal jammer is a perfect decision for people who want to avoid such consequences and protect themselves and people around them. proposes you big variety of jammers of different types which will ensure your safety. If any questions arise do not hesitate to contact our experienced team which is always ready to help you and answer all your questions.

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