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Ensure quite environment with mini cell phone jammer

Today technology is considered to be an integral part of our life. With the help of communication technology we stay more connected with family and friends. With cell phone in hand we fail not only to call and text messages, but also search the Internet, take photos, listen to the music, etc.  On the one side cell phones a great helper, but on other side it could bring some inconvenience of being bound together with the people around us. What can we do with this situation? Turning off the phone is not a good idea as your close friends and family will worry about you. That’s why we would like to introduce you mini cell phone jammer which will help you to solve this problems.

This mini cell phone jammer is intended to block signals from base station within a specific radius. This blocking radius is so called “dead zone” for cell phones. When you will be in this “dead zone”, your callers will receive an automated message that your number is out of the coverage zone. After 2 or 5 seconds after switching the jammer on all nearby cell phones will be blocked and unable to make or answer calls and no short message service.

You could carry this cell phone jammer whenever you go as it is portable and easy to handle. Moreover, you could charge this jammer while using. It is very convenient to use it in cars to disable incoming calls which distracts drivers. Passengers also could use cell phone jammer in public transport and ensure calm and quite environment. Businessman also could use this device to keep in secret conversation during negotiation and prevent leak of information.

With this mini cell phone jammer you will be in a safe. Because of small size you could easily put it in your pocket or wallet without any notice. If you want to receive more information about our products, please call us or send a message. We will be happy to provide you with any information.

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