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User friendly WiFi Blocker

WiFi is very popular wireless networking technology nowadays. All clubs, cafes, shops, buses have a hankering for having WiFi, as modern people prefer to visit places with free WiFi. It goes without saying that WiFi system is very useful technology as it gives us access to the Internet, we can exchange photos, files, documents, etc. Please note, that WiFi internalizes frequency at 2.4 GHz. Many other signal systems also work at this frequency and WiFi may stir the normal work of other systems. The high power WiFi jammer will help to avoid different problems caused by WiFi.

Wireless network, Bluetooth communication and WLAN are blocked after the first minute of jammer’s work. WiFi jammer cuts of wireless network within 20 meters radius. This device is equipped with antenna for you to adjust the blocking radius according to your needs. Rechargeable battery is considered as an advantage that allows to achieve great blocking performance.

Due to small dimensions you can put WiFi blocker in the packet and carry it everywhere. Please, do not worry about the radiation, this device is absolutely environmental friendly and do no harm to human health. The operation of WiFi blocker is made by remote control, that’s why only authorized person can operate the unit.

With the help of WiFi all your confidential information can be stolen. So, to protect yourself from different surveillance devices, you need to do only one simply thing – to turn on high powerful WiFi blocker. With WiFi jammer in your pocket you can hold talks without worries that someone may record your conversation. In spite that fact, WiFi makes our life a little bit easier, it is also harmful. WiFi disturbs normal work of other wireless systems and our government could not do anything with it, it is also influence the normal operation of equipment at hospitals and as a result a person may die. In subways WiFi is also dangerous as WiFi signals interrupt its normal work.

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