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Use of Cell Phone Jammers at school

These days cell phones are considered to be the most useful and convenient communicative device. There is a growing number of cell phone users even among children. They carry cell phones everywhere they go and this influence greatly on their study results and cause problems with health.


Use of cell phones has wide range of disadvantages. First of all, cell phones distract student’s attention during the process of study as they are obsessed with their favorite social networks and communication with friends. Secondly, you know how silence and peaceful environment important for studying process, but cell phones make noise. What’s more, students may also play games, search the Internet, chat with friends and these they can do during the lesson without paying attention on teacher’s explanation. The worst thing is that, cunning students may cheat at exams with the help of cell phones: they can search the right answers on the Internet or receive messages with right answers from their friends or classmates. That’s why necessity of cell phone jammers is increasing now. This will help you to solve the problem of children’s inattention at the lessons and problem of cheating.

When teachers turn cell phone jammer, students’ cell phones fail to function. Cell phone blocker intends to disturb the communication between sender and receiver as this electronic device prevents cell phone signal reception from base station. Cell phone jammer utilizes the same frequencies as cell phones. With the help of cell phone jammer you will block such phone networks as PHS, 3G, GSM, CDMA and UMTS. When cell phone jammer is on effect, cell phones have no signal and as a result it fails to receive calls, messages and cell phone owner will not have access to the Internet.

If speak about the negative effect of cell phones on human body, then it is necessary to emphasize that cell phone jammers have extremely low influence. So, teachers and parents may be calm and do not worry that phone jammer may make a threat to the health. This device is absolutely safe to use. We guarantee you that cell phone jammers will solve all problems and ensures quite and silent environment during the lesson.

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