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Pocket size Brand new cell phone text jammer

We need to admit that cell phones are very controversial tools these days. We cannot deny that we need cell phones as with their help we can communicate with our family members, colleagues, friends and other wherever you are. However, use of cell phones can have so called “side effect”. Bosses and teachers are concerned about cell phone use: teachers notice that their students text messages during the lessons; employees also spend the biggest part of working time on texting messages.

 With the advent of cell phone text jammer to stop this unaccepted behavior is very easy these days. Cell phone text jammer is a powerful device which adopts the same frequency which cell phone uses. The blocker interrupts the reception of signals from base station. This gives the power to block the work of cell phones and disturb the normal functioning of communicative devices. When the jammer works all cell phones within the specific radius will stop receiving calls and messages.

With the help of cell phone text jammer such networks as 3G, GSM, UMTS, PHS and CDMA will be disabled. Moreover cell phone text jammer is a little pocket sized device which you can carry around with you everywhere you go. In addition, the text cell phone jammer is equipped with built-in battery can work up to 3-5 hours. This device can be fully charged within very short period of time. Thanks to antenna, the user can adjust blocking radius according to specific situation. It should be mentioned that cell phone text jammer is absolutely user friendly.

The problem of cheating during exams is one of the biggest problems these days. When school board or university decide to install the cell phone text jammer, they can be sure that their students will fail to find right answers on the Internet. It is also will be impossible for them to receive the right answers via messages. So, exams will be carried fairly. The cell phone text jammer is also very tool for bosses as with this device they can limit employees’ use of cell phones. If cell phone text jammer will be installed in the office, workers cannot send or receive messages during the working time. Thus, bosses will be sure that their workers do not waste time on texting messages.

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