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Powerful mini cell phone & GPS jammer

Nowadays jammer is the second famous device after mobile phones. Almost everyone wants to have this device. Each month sees new and advanced models of cell phones. On the one hand such a big diversity of jammers is very good, but on the other hand a person who has never bought jammers before may be all abroad. That’s why we decided to help you and introduce new mini cell phone & GPS jammer.

These days it is hard to find product that answers your needs and costs not much. As usual, almost all shops have very high prices for their goods. We believe that you will be happy to know that sells not only quality, but also cost-effective goods. This GPS & Cell phone jammer will impress you with its functions and low price.

Mini cell phone and GPS jammer has very powerful features. First of all, it is necessary to mention that this is environment-friendly device which has no radiation. The weight of this jammer is 68g, so you can put this mini jammer in your pocket and carry it with you without any notice. As GPS & phone jammer is energy-saving, it can work for 2 hours.
This GPS and phone jammer has large blocking radius which reaches 10 meters. So, within this radius all signals including GPS : 1500-1600MHZ, CDMA: 869-894MHZ , GSM : 925-960MHZ, GPS : 1500-1600MHZ and signals of GPS gadgets will be blocked. Thanks to powerful functions, you may apply this jammer in many places.
As you can see choosing of jammer requires some time and efforts. The buyer should pay attention on jammer’s functions, characteristics and field of its application. You can be sure that this mini GPS and Cell phone silver jammer is a perfect choice.

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