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WIFI Jammer for protection of your safety

The use of WiFi system allows more rapid signal transmission. These days more and more people enjoy WiFi while using their electronic devices: tablets, cell phones, e-books, MP5, laptop, etc. The wireless network allows us to communicate or chat with our friends in our social networks, share our photos and get the most recent news within several seconds. In spite of the convenience, which WiFi provides us, there are some places where use of wireless network is prohibited because of security concern. Thus, we cannot use WiFi in hospitals, gas and oil stations, metro station as WiFi signal can prevent normal functioning of equipment in those places.


In order to ensure normal functioning of equipment in places where use of WiFi is prohibited, it is advisable to have WiFi jammer.  The powerful jamming device disables wireless signal transmission within blocking range. WiFi jammer adopts the same frequency theWiFi system uses, that is why WiFi blocker disables very easily all WiFi& Bluetooth communication and wireless camera. Thanks to small dimensions and easy weight you can carry the blocker everywhere you go. Built-in battery encourages jammer to work for 3-5hours. Moreover, it can be recharged within 30 minutes by AC adapter.

The WiFi jammer can be applied in various places. It is well-known fact that WiFi signal has negative influence medical equipment that is why it is advisable to use WIFi jammer in hospital. Also, with the help of WiFi jammer you can disable surveillance devices: under the influence of WiFi blocker the surveillance devices stop working normally and starts get spotty pictures without sound. Moreover, WiFi jammer is indispensable tool as teachers with its help can prevent cheating during exams. When jammer is turned on, students won’t have the access to the Internet and they fail to find answers on test.

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