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Cell phone blocker will help you to fight against of cell phone pollution

Cell phone is considered to be the most usable communicative device as it allows us to reach out our friends or family whenever we are: on the bus, in a line at shop, bank or even in another country. However, we need to admit that sometimes cell phone use can be inappropriate, but unfortunately not all people understand it. For instance, churches, schools, cinemas, universities, gas stations require peaceful environment, that’s why we need to put our phones into silent mode; but sometimes people forget to do it. These days we have cell phone jammer – blocking device which can help us to fight against of cell phone pollution.

 There are some countries where use of cell phone jammers is considered to be illegal, however most Asian countries allow using of these jamming devises on their territory.  If talk about China, it should be mentioned that China is a famous producer of cell phone blockers. Chinese cell phone blockers will impress you by its uniqueness, functionality and high quality. What’s more cell phone blockers from China always sell at affordable prices.

When you have not used cell phone jammer before, then it should be emphasized that blocking devices are easy to use. Usually cell phone blocker has a switch (turn on/off) and signal indicator which shows whether the device is in operation or not. External antennas are the integral part of each jammer as antennas receive and send signals. If speak about more complicated cell phone blockers, as usual they have bottom to adjust blocking radius and frequencies.

Portable cell phone jammers with a compact size are usually equipped with batteries. Very often big cell phone blockers are electrically powered.

The blocking radius of typical cell phone blocker varies from 50-80 meters. That means that all nearby cell phones will be blocked within this radius. When cell phone user will be out of this range, his or her phone will start to work. It should be noted that more sophisticated jammers have large blocking radius.

Before placing the order it is necessary to decide for what purposes and where are you going to use this device. For example, in US it is prohibited to sell blocking devices, in UK use of cell phone jammers is allowed, but civilians cannot use them. However in most Asian countries use of jamming devices is legal. So, you need to study the information about jammer use in different countries.

 To know more information about blocking devices you can on our website If while choosing jammer some questions arise, contact our managers. They will be happy to help you.


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