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Vehicle cell phone signal jammer to prevent drivers’ distraction

Do you drive a car? We believe that you may notice there are so many inattentive and irresponsible drivers who constantly talk over the phone while driving. Such irresponsible behavior за рулем causes serious traffic accidents. The recent research showed that phone calls are the main reason of car accidents. What can we do to avoid these tragedies on the road? We know very effective method, which may help to reduce number of car accidents. Thus, vehicle cell phone signal jammer will be very useful device in any car.


When you want your trip in a car will be safe, then vehicle cell phone signal jammer is what you need. To prevent talks over the phone while driving is not very easy task, but cell phone jammer succeed to do it within several seconds. We need to say stop to constantly babbling drivers who pose a threat to our lives!

The vehicle cell phone jammer is intended to disable the transmission of signals between the base station and a cell phone. As a result of bad transmission cell phones won’t receive proper data from its base station. The users of cell phones will see such signs on their phones: “searching”, “no signal” or “no service”.

When vehicle cell phone blocker is in operation it blocks different cell phone signals including DCS (1800MHZ), CDMA, GSM, SCDMA, PHS, PCS (1900MHZ). It can be used in all types of vehicles, even in the buses. Cell phone jammer for vehicle is an indispensable tool in gas stations as it can prevent danger of explosion. For the safety of flight it is necessary to install vehicle cell phone jammer in planes too.

It should be noted that vehicle cell phone signal jammer is absolutely harmless and does not harm human health as the radiation level is up to national standard. The most effective usage range reaches up to 200 meters. is a leading provider of jamming devices. We offers you the widest range of different jammers !!!!!! Also, here you will find helpful information, which will help you to choose jammer that will answer all your needs and wants.

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