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Portable cell phone signal jammer

These days popularity of jamming devices is increasing day by day. Especially, cell phone jammers are highly popular. Whenever you go cell phones are installed almost everywhere, for example, churches, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, meeting rooms, government  and other public places for ensuring absolute silence. It should be noted that portable cell phone signal jammers are more preferable for customers as such jammers can be carried everywhere. Thanks to their compact size you can hold jammer in hands or put it in your pocket or handbag.

 Do not think that because of small size the cell phone jammer will be less sufficient. However, it is not true. Portable cell phone jammers are also powerful and can perform quite well. Blocking range of handheld jammers covers wide range up to 15 meters. Moreover, you can adjust the jamming range according to the specific situation and your requirements. In addition, cell phone signal blocker may have several frequencies, which can be applied in different places. What’s more, some models of cell phone jammers could be multi-functional that allow them to block signals of GPS and cell phones simultaneously.

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