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Portable mobile phone signal jammer

Nowadays mobile phone is owned by almost everyone. Even the number of children who have mobile phone is growing every day. Yes, we cannot deny that cell phones contribute to our life, but they also cause a lot of noise. Whenever we go, we can hear cell phone noise and ringtones, which does not allow us to relax in cinemas, theatres, churches, libraries and many other places as some phone users do not set silent mode on. So, when you want to say stop to cell phone pollution, then get acquainted with cell phone signal jammer.

 When you have not heard about cell phone signal jammer, then let us say a couple of words about this device. It is an electronic device used for cutting off transmission of signals between base station and mobile phones. Mobile phone signal jammer creates strong interference to the phone network, by adopting the same frequency as the cell phones. The cell phone blocker can very efficiently disable cell phone networks, for example 3G, PHS, CDMA, DCS, AMPS and GSM. Moreover, wireless connection (WiFi and Bluetooth) also stops normal functioning. You can take jammer everywhere you go as it is compact and has palm dimensions. In addition, cell phone jammer has easy weight, so you can take it everywhere you go.

Visitors of libraries, cinemas, theatres, churches, libraries, who want to enjoy reading or watching interesting film or play, claims that mobile phone ringtones irritates them as because of noise pollution they cannot concentrate. With mobile phone blocker you will enjoy the silent moment without babbling people and disturbing ringtones. On the bus cell phone jammer prevents driver distraction caused by cell phone noise. As you can see mobile phone blocker comes in hand in many cases and many places.

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