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Portable wifi blocker

There is no such a person who has never thought about safety and protection of their family. Every day we think about means and ways, which can help us to save us from troubles and malefactors. There always will be people who poke their noses into other people business. Because of such curious people, we do not have privacy. For those who want to protect their confidentiality and prevent leakage of personal information, portable Wifi jammer was created. With this portable jammer in hand, it will be impossible for ill-wishers to take advantage of your personal information.

 When you have never heard about wifi blocker, then it will be interesting for you to know, that this jammer was specially created for blocking wifi devices. The principle of portable cell phone jammer work is quite simple:  it creates white noise, which disables nearby tacking devices and wiretap. The design, functionality and functions of wifi jammers are improving day by day. Each day sees more advanced wifi blocker model to contribute your safety greatly.

As wifi jammer has compact size that allows hide it in your pocket, suitcase or handbag, we can take jammer everywhere we go. Even more, we can hide it under the seat of our car or under the table in our cabinet, etc. Portable wifi jammers are equipped with an indicator to check the working condition of the blocker and on/off button. When you feel that you are not in safe, just turn on wifi blocker and everything will be ok. is leading and reliable provider of jamming products. Here is presented jammers of different size and colours with different frequencies and output power. Also, our customer support service will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.





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