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Powerful indoor cell phone jammer

The popularity of cell phone jammers is growing very quickly. Today, jamming devices are installed almost everywhere: governmental institutions, military objects, prisons, hospitals, churches, cinemas and even in public transport. Mobile phone jammer is quite popular device as it helps to prevent prisoners to send messages to people outside, also prevents exposure at oil stations and allows people to enjoy silent environment without mobile phone noise.

As you can see mobile phone signal jammer plays a vital role in our life. 

These days wide range of jammers is presented on the market starting from powerful desktop blockers and up to mini handheld jammers with different functions, design and power, which are both suitable for use in indoor area. However, we would like to present you powerful cell phone jammer, which will help you to create quiet and safe environment.

This high power cell phone blocker is designed specially for indoor use and can block work of mobile phones very efficiently. When this jammer is in operation, silent environment is guaranteed. It should be noted that jammer is equipped with heat sink, which allows controlling of device temperature. So, with such advanced cooling system you do not need to worry about jammer overheat or whether you need to stop use of jammer when it is hot. The next advantage of this mobile phone signal jammer is its ability to block four different types of frequency bands, for example, CDMA: 850-960MHz, GSM: 1805-1880MHz, GSM: 1920-1990MHz and 3G: 2110-2170MHz. As you can see, it is multi-functional blocker, which can be used in many places and for different tasks. In addition, this cell phone jammer has four extensive omni-directional antennas, which can block signals from different directions. It makes jammer more powerful. What’s more, blocking radius of cell phone jammer can reach up to 100 meters. It is quite big distance, so you can be sure, that you won’t be disturbed be someone’s mobile phone. This jammer is user friendly jammer, so there are won’t be any problems while its usage.

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