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GPS jammer to prevent spying

Have you ever heard about GPS jammer? Do you know that gps signal jammer can prevent you from being tracked by someone? With this pocket size gps blocker your location and privacy will be reliably protected. Let us tell you a couple of words about this jamming device.

 In general gps signal blocker is aimed to disable the transmission of signals of all kinds of gps devices. When you feel, that you are under supervision, then this jamming device is what you need. This gps signal blocker will keep in secret your privacy and business plans. Thus, all curious people, who are eager to poke their noses into your business, will fail to find out any news about your life.

If speak about technical specifications of gps jammers then it should be noted that the blocking radius can be different and depends on signal strength in the given area. It depends on the model of jammer and varies from 5-100 meters. Remember, that each jammer has its own jamming distance. Usually, gps blockers have built-in rechargeable battery that allows owners to use the blocker for several hours without stop. When you want to protected all the time then, portable gps signal jammer will be suitable for you as you can put it in your pocket or handbag and carry it everywhere you go.

Palm size and easy weight make it easy to hide the jammer, just put it in your pocket and it will be hard to notice that you hide something. Moreover, there are such models of jammers that can block several types of signals simultaneously. Thus, you can choose jammer, which has the ability to block gps signals, cell phone signals CDMA/GSM(860-970MHz), DCS/PHS(1805-1930MHz) and 3G signals (2110-2170MH).

Such multi-functional jammer can be used almost everywhere: churches, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, prisons, courts, meeting rooms, oil stations, universities, etc. Installing jammers in all above mentioned places guarantee safe and quite environment. provides with the best service and jamming products. We offer you jammers of best quality at affordable prices. Should any questions arise do not hesitate to contact our customer support service.

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