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Cell phone and gps jammer - Is someone spying you?

When you are looking for a tool, which can help you to defeat hidden phone GPS signal for better protection, then portable phone jammer gps jammer will come in hand to you! Multi-functional jammer is the best solution for disabling gps tracking devices and cell phones.

 Cell phone jammer and gps blocker

Every day we meet new people under different circumstances. We cannot know for sure their intentions. That's why we need to secure our life in order to avoid unpleasant situations, which may cause us troubles. When you treasure your security and want to enjoy silent environment without cell phone noise, then multi- functional gps cell phone jammer is the best option. It is advisable to decide where you are going to use the jammer before purchase. There different types of jammers: desktop and handheld or portable.

The portable gps jammer you can take everywhere you go. It has small size, light weight and hidden style design. So, you can put it in your pocket or handbag and no one will be able to notice that you have jamming device. The jamming radius depends on model of jammer, signal strength and nature conditions. Each jammer unit has its own jamming range: 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, etc. Usually, desktop jammers have bigger blocking range and it may vary from 70-100 meters.

When you are going to buy jammer for the first time and you need consultation, you are welcome to contact our customer support service. They will be happy to provide you with all information, which you are interested in. Also, they will tell you technical specifications in more details.

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