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Video jammer for prevention of spying

Nowadays there are a lot of spying devices presented on the market. Their functions and design are improving and becoming better day by day. According to the statistics, video cameras are the most popular surveillance devices and they are in demand. Thanks to quick development of technology, video cameras became an extremely tiny, so that it is impossible to detect them with eyes. When you are in the cabinet, you cannot be sure, that you are in safe. Who knows, maybe all your words and actions are recording by your rivals and ill-wishers. Received information, they can use against of you and harm your privacy or business. When you want to prevent spying and recording, then video jammer is the perfect tool for protecting your private life. 

It goes without saying that bug cameras can be installed almost everywhere, for instance cinemas, hotels, meeting rooms, saunas, malls and other public places. As you can see it is hard to remain unnoticed these days; whenever you are,  you are always under supervision. If you want to stop it, then video signal jammer or hidden camera detector is what you need. Hidden camera detector within several seconds will find surveillance cameras. It catches light reflections from video camera lens. Thanks to it, you will find surveillance devices in any premises very quickly. With such device, all your meetings and conversations will be kept in a secret. 

Video jammer protects from spying!

It should be noted, that video cameras are not the only problem these days. Mobile phones are also threaten to our safety and privacy greatly. Whoever can eavesdrop your phone conversation at any time. However, with signal jammer, you will protect mobile channels from eavesdropping. What’s more there are signal blockers, which  disable hidden video cameras too. So, with multi-frequency jammer, you will be able to solve several problems: video spying and eavesdropping. 

You can install jammer in any premises: meeting or conference room, your personal cabinet and any other room. Once you turn the jammer, the activity of hidden cameras and telephones will be interrupted within the jamming range. That’s why we recommend you to decide, where you are going to use the jammer and only after that purchase it. When you want to install jammer  in big room or cabinet, then you need jammer with large jamming radius up to 80 meters, for small premises you can use jammers with small blocking range, with varies from 10-40 meters.

If you want to be reliably protected from eavesdropping and video taping, then signal jammer or video detector is the best solution for you. The jammer allows you to protect your private data and prevent leakage.  





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