Mother-board for Jammer of Selectable Portable 3G 4G Cell phone & LoJack (Code: JB-412)

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Product Description
Motherboard is a key element for jammersWithout itthe jammer cannot work normallyThis blocker motherboard you are viewing now is suited only for  Portable 3G 4G Cell phone and LoJack Jammer Selection FrequencyWe would like to pay your attention on that factthat other jammers cannot use this motherboard.

Motherboard for Portable Jammer of 3G 4G Cell phone & LoJack (Selectable)
Jammer mother-board
Mother-board for Portable Jammer of 3G 4G Cell phone & LoJack (Selectable)
Jammer mother-board  

Note: Before ordering, please you make sure that jammers legally allowed in your country for use or resale. We we set frequency jammers, respectively, with frequencies in the country where it will be sent.

Radius jammers work depends on: Strength of signals in an area where it is used the availability of mobile phone stations on many factors surrounding area where the jammers will be used. Distance is indicated on the website are approximate and presentation for reference.

If you are in a country with a hot climate, be sure to pay attention to the jammers with the built-in fan. Do not use the jammers without built-in fan for charging, they can break out of this.

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