40 Meter Range Detector of Mobile Phone Signals/Wireless eavesdropping as well as videotaping equipment (Code: JB-444)

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Product Description
   Have you ever noticed all those advertising of spy gadgets? They are obviously better disguised and more developed nowadays in its capability of penetrating in people’s life. If you are wondering about how to protect your privacy from getting intruded, we would suggest this powerful anti spy device: 40 Meter Range Detector of Mobile Phone Signals eavesdropping as well as video tapping equipment.
   It is no denying that anti-spy device is very necessary to a secure life today. It would possibly happen that someone might be listening to your phone conversation, watch your private life. Confidential information such as personal bank account, details of conference negotiation may be leaked out if you are lack of the anti-spy awareness.
   The cell phone signal detector is designed with efficient capability to locate hidden wireless eavesdropping and videotaping equipment around you. Of portable palm size, it is suitable to use in car, home, office, conference room and etc. The detecting range reaches up to 40 meters, depending on the signal strength given. Featured with high sensitivity, adjustable scope, and wide range detecting frequency, it would be able to meet your requirement with high detecting performance in application. Ideal choice for camera bugs sweeping in any occasions.
Small size, easy to take and operate
Made of high-intensity and quality anti-jamming alloy, durable
Used to detect the wireless wiretap in car, office, conference room, bathroom, hotel, government and so on
Check the electromagnet in working place
Large range of detecting frequency
Good compatibility
High sensitivity, adjustable scope
Technical Specifications
Main TX Frequency: 800-1000MHz, 1800-2000MHz
Radius range (m): Up to 40 meters
Detecting sensitivity: <=0.05mw
Detecting dynamic range: 70Db
Indicate mode: 9 levels LED luminescence indication/voicing instruction
Power:  9V laminated battery
Function: High sensitivity, scope adjustable, large range of detecting frequency
With high sensitivity and covering more than 40M, listen into
Used for Army and police, Government Dept

Note: Before ordering, please you make sure that jammers legally allowed in your country for use or resale. We we set frequency jammers, respectively, with frequencies in the country where it will be sent.

Radius jammers work depends on: Strength of signals in an area where it is used the availability of mobile phone stations on many factors surrounding area where the jammers will be used. Distance is indicated on the website are approximate and presentation for reference.

If you are in a country with a hot climate, be sure to pay attention to the jammers with the built-in fan. Do not use the jammers without built-in fan for charging, they can break out of this.

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